Parlay Casino System in Roulette 

Roulette players revolve around picking numbers and betting them. This is what makes the game so interesting as well as its compatibility with betting systems. Many betting systems were created to help players control their accounts, minimize losses in betting and, luckily, make a small profit. Depending on which player will use the betting system, there will be an appropriate plan offered by that bet, and the player will no longer depend entirely on luck when playing Roulette.

A betting system was invented in the 16th century, and is still used by many people today. It is Parlay- the oldest betting system. Due to the development of the gambling industry, the systems have also been upgraded, to accommodate many other types of betting (blackjack, baccarat, craps). In addition to the name Parlay, this system is also known by two names (Let it Ride and Pyramid). The following article helps readers better understand the Parlay system.


Basics of the Parlay System

The reason this system is called Parlay, it means "use the initial winnings to bet to bring greater profits". And this is the plan of the system, Parlay is a positive progression system, players will increase the bet after each win and decrease when losing.

Those who are new to betting would love to use this system, because it does not force players to memorize the rules and calculations much but still have the ability to earn high profits. No need to calculate or think much, players only need to enrich themselves by using winnings to place bets. If you win, the profits increase, if you lose the account is also properly controlled.

How to Apply It in Roulette

As mentioned above, the operation of the infinity system is also simple. In order for the system to work better and bring the best benefits, players need:

Before betting, players need to determine the exact amount for a betting unit.
Understand the limit of victory.

The maximum amount of money each player wants to win plays a role in determining the success or failure of the bet. Goals and limits are disciplines, so that players understand when to withdraw from the game, avoid empty hands, empty bags when leaving the online casino Singapore. Learn More: LIVE22- Download

After determining the amount corresponding to a betting unit, suppose it is $ 10, and the winning limit is set at $ 200. The player chooses the number and starts the spin, the ball falls to the number the player predicts, they win. According to the rules of the Parlay betting system, betting on the next round depends on the outcome of the previous round, and this is a positive progression system, so the next spin the betting amount must double, i.e. $ 20.

If the winning sequence continues, then the spin after betting is $ 40 and continues to be $ 80. If the first bet is red, the next bet will still be red. And the amount of money in each round will be doubled if you keep winning. The initial limit you set is $ 200, and if you reach that limit, the bet will return to its original face value of $ 10. The $ 10 amount also applies if a player loses.

Pros & Cons

Simple, easy to understand, does not bring much risk, are advantages that bring sympathy to the user. Moreover, the amount of money the player bet for each round after winning or losing is predefined if the amount of an original bet is clearly determined. Players will not be distracted, calculating to see how much to bet accordingly. Thus, the process of playing the game takes place fully and you enjoy it.

Regardless of the system used, it is important for the player to have autonomy and discipline for themselves. Because systems in general and parlay in particular, it will be effective if used in time and set limits. If you know how to manage the money, players can earn a decent profit after enjoying Roulette.

Of course, any system will have its drawbacks. Parlay will bring quite a profit if you continuously win and reach the limit. However, not everyone is lucky enough to experience the winning sequence.

This system is effective in the short version, players need to withdraw at the right time to profithemselves.


Final Thoughts
Parlay is a positive progression system, effective in the short term. How to play simple, easy to understand, many people apply and no longer hesitated to affect the playing process.

Regardless of the system, there are advantages and disadvantages, so players who want to apply the best need to understand that betting system. And keep in mind, Roulette is always a game of chance, the outcome of the rounds does not depend on each other.